Chapter 1: Art Licks Weekend 2013


The first version celebrates the independent

spirit of the galleries and artist-run spaces

of Art Licks Weekend by bringing them

together in a collective skyscraper.


Unable to afford rising real estate

rates, emerging galleries and artists

occupy the fringes of the city.


Bonus Levels is an ideal tower where

these places are brought together.

Each floor in the tower is dedicated to a

gallery participating in the festival, and the

structure and curatorial concept of their

physical space is reflected in its virtual double.


From white cubes to dark performance spaces

and psychogeographic maps, the game invites

each player to explore an alternate reality.


Bonus Levels is a series of utopian video game worlds by Lawrence Lek who removes the boundaries between public and private zones in London to create a landscape of open access.


The project is a continuous collage of sounds, maps, zones, and buildings, a record of the city in a state of becoming.


Chapter 2 : Delirious New Wick  2014


This installment imagines the zone surrounding London's 2012 Olympic Park as a primal utopia of floating islands, abandoned stadiums and post-industrial monuments.


Based on the physical maps of the area, the

level brings together three histories into

a single zone: primorial forests, deluxe

architecture, and artist-run colonies.


As government-endorsed regeneration

strategies spread over East London, the

player is invited to witness the conflict

between the area's past and its future.


Teleporter Pavilions beam the player into

inaccessible areas - up into the voids of

Anish Kapoor's Orbit tower and into the

Velodrome flying over the town below.